i-choose music is proud to have worked with some fantastic solo artists in the recent past. As well as giving unrivalled autonomy and control to our more experienced clients our engineers can provide a very consultative and open advisory role to people looking for support on solo projects. We have a great deal of experience in numerous genres of music and particularly in creating tailored arrangements for our clients.

Now working with Stir Studio 2, i-Choose Music offers recording at industry standard using Pro-Tools and a vintage SoundCraft REIMS desk. Incomparable quality which is essential to grab attention on any demo and release material. Prices from as low as £200 per day - Call us now on 07970 59 00 36 for more details.

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Supporting the youth and local music scenes

If you are students or homegrown musicians from South Wales, i-Choose Music aims to subsidise local talent and young musicians so call or email now to find out our special rates and concessions.


i-Choose Music brings you the best offers available for rehearsing, recording and releasing.

We frequently have special promotions running to enhance your experience with us and build our customers' loyalty. Don't forget to ask for more information on current offers when you contact us.